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Welcome to Happy Feet Dog Training’s Group Classes at Pampered Paw Resort!

Unlock the full potential of your canine companion through our dynamic and engaging group classes. Join us at Pampered Paw Resort (1250 Washington Rd, Washington, PA 15301) for sessions that combine the benefits of obedience training, positive reinforcement, and a supportive, social environment.

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Why Choose Dog Group Classes?

Building a Solid Obedience Foundation

Group classes are the perfect setting to establish a strong foundation in obedience for your furry friend. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, these structured sessions cater to dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. The curriculum covers essential behaviors like sit, down, stay, recall, place, and loose leash walking foundations, setting the stage for a well-behaved canine companion.

Socialization in a Controlled Environment

One of the standout advantages of our group classes is the opportunity for controlled socialization. Dogs, like humans, thrive in social settings, and group classes provide a safe space for them to interact with other dogs and people. This controlled exposure helps them learn and practice behaviors in distracting environments, a crucial skill for well-behaved behavior outside the class.

Positive Reinforcement (R+) and Force-Free Training

At Happy Feet Dog Training, we are dedicated to the principles of positive reinforcement and force-free training. Our approach, guided by the principles of Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA), ensures that the learning experience is enjoyable and stress-free for your dog. The use of R+ techniques fosters a positive association with learning, making the training process effective and rewarding.

Structured Curriculum for Obedience and Manners

Group classes offer a structured curriculum designed to teach obedience and good manners systematically. The organized approach helps both dogs and owners understand the progression of training, leading to accelerated and enthusiastic learning. The systematic learning environment also makes group classes an excellent supplement to private training sessions.

Combining Group and Private Training

Dogs often struggle to generalize behaviors learned in one environment to others. Combining group and private training provides diverse situational exposure for a more well-rounded learning experience. Group classes serve as a valuable supplement to private training, and vice versa, ensuring your dog learns in various settings.

Join Our Group Classes Today!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning and bonding with your dog? Check out our schedule and sign up for available classes. Group classes are an excellent way to enhance your dog’s obedience, foster positive behavior, and enjoy the companionship of fellow dog enthusiasts.

Additional Resources and Safety Information:

To further enhance your understanding of group training safety, explore the APDT’s Group Training Class Safety Tips PDF. These insights provide valuable information on creating a safe and enjoyable environment for both dogs and their owners during group classes.

Remember, at Happy Feet Dog Training, your dog’s well-being and your happiness are our top priorities. Join our group classes and discover the joy of positive reinforcement training in a supportive community environment!

Class Types That We Offer

Beginner Obedience

This class starts your obedience training journey with your dog. We will introduce you and your dog to clicker training as well as starting sit, down, stay, recall, place, and loose leash walking foundations. These behaviors set the stage for your dog’s progress toward achieving the AKC Canine Good Citizen title and certification if desired.

Prerequisite: Dog must be up to date on rabies, DHPP, and bordetella vaccines. Training treats, collar and leash are required for class.

6-Week Class Held Once Per Week: $225 for the class

Intermediate Obedience

This class is to enhance and further the foundations worked on in beginner and puppy class. Your dog will learn to build their duration, distance, and ability to respond correctly with harder distractions for the following cues. Cues continued are sit, down, stay, place, recall, and leash walking. Continues your progress towards your AKC Canine Good Citizen title and certification.

Prerequisite: Your dog needs to have completed puppy or beginner obedience or pre-approved into the class by trainer. Please call 724-506-8230 if you would like to start training with us at the intermediate level.

6-Week Class Held Once Per Week: $225 for the class